The March of a Cubs Fan

Watching baseball games at Wrigley Field is truly a one of a kind experience.


Tatum Federman

When playing the Los Angeles Dodger, the Chicago Cubs won the fourth playoff game 3-2. This win saved them from being eliminated from a chance at playing in the World Series. The fans at Wrigley Field were elated.

Tatum Federman, Captions and Social Media Editor

The tensions were high at Wrigley Field as the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers played the third and fourth games of the National League Championship Series.

Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, is one of the oldest baseball stadiums, and has a strong fanbase that genuinely loves their team. Walking into Wrigley Field, the first thing you see is a sign reading “Welcome to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.” The spirited Chicago fans all wear Cubs gear, besides the few Dodgers’ fans who awkwardly root against the crowd.

The Chicago Dogs must not be forgotten. Delicious hot dogs are sold at every stand and wrapped in a decorative Cubs paper. When going to Wrigley Field, the Chicago Dogs are necessary to complete the experience.

Even without winning, the players and fans love being at Wrigley and enjoy every second of the experience”

The attendance at the games were over 42,000 each day and the stands are filled with loyal fans. Enthusiasm spread while the massive crowd gave a standing ovation at all the strikes thrown or balls hit by the Cubs.

During the game, there are many traditions at Wrigley field. As the organ player plays different tunes, the whole crowd claps along. In the middle of the seventh inning, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is sung by the whole crowd.

Tuesday’s game was the third of the series. Dodgers were up two games and the Cubs fans were pleading for a win and a chance to advance to the World Series for the second year in a row. The Dodgers have an advantage over the Cubs this year as their pitching staff is dominant. However, the Cubs faithful still believed in their team

In the first inning of game three, outfielder Kyler Schwarber hit a home run, making the score 1-0. The game went downhill from there for the fans at Wrigley Field. Not scoring another run the whole game, the Cubs offense lost confidence. A combination of hitting and  the bullpen of the Dodgers allowed them to strive during this game. The Chicago Cubs lost the game 6-1 to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The fourth game took place on Wednesday night. In order to advance to the World Series, the Cubs would need to win the next 4 games. Cubs fans were biting their nails and on their feet the whole game. Every admirable play was applauded and chanted for.

The Chicago Cubs ended up winning the fourth playoff game! Every Cubs win at Wrigley Field is celebrated by singing the “Go Cubs Go” song. The whole crowd stands up, sings along to the song, and sways with their arms around their neighbors, and a smile on their faces.

Even without winning, the players and fans love being at Wrigley and enjoy every second of the experience.