Girls Basketball Heading In the Right Direction


Olivia Fu

Hadley Dayton (11) snatches the ball from a richocheted shot by Sade Najafinia (12) during a practice scrimmage.

The girls basketball team launched into their season with high expectations, focused on their goal to win league and to look past their crushing loss against Dana Hills on November 30.

With four rising seniors graduating this year, the lady stallions are determined to do well this season and remain optimistic despite the loss.

Forward and center Maddie Oblea (11) predicts a promising rest of the season for her team and says, “I think that this season will be a good one if we implement our plays and stay calm on the court. We have been practicing for months now and have played in tournaments in Long Beach and San Diego. We did fairly well in these games and held our own with strong, aggressive teams.”

Senior Co-Captain, Julia Lindsay (12), confidently adds that after the game against Dana they need “to play as a team every game and give it the most we can.  So far, we have had a bit of a rocky start, but there is no doubt that we won’t get back into our mojo and be the team I know we are.”

The team has been working hard since the start of school to prepare for the season and be able to focus on more successful games with numerous practices, endless conditioning, and team bonding to increase the level of their game.

Co-Captain Katie Edwards (12) validates the success of the rigorous training and says that “Coach Riscica has really been working hard this year to help put us in the best position possible to win, no matter what happens you know we will be in shape.”

Basketball isn’t completely all about performance and skill, however.  Teamwork is an important element of the game, and the girls’ strong chemistry as a unit help them to flow into the team they need to be to dominate.

“I spend all my time with them and we have a connection I can’t describe on and off the court.  When being put on a team you have to learn to work together and in that process you can become best friends with people you thought you may never even have talked to,” says Lindsay.

“My favorite part about being on this team is that we are a family,” adds forward and center Brittany Roush (11). “We are there for each other through the really hard times and good times. I just love how we lift each other up. We make each other better athletes and better people.”

With this dedication to the game, training, and bonding with each other, they come out as a force to be reckoned within the Sea View League this year.  Going into the rest of the season, they are feel they are ready to represent the school proudly.  

“San Juan Hills isn’t well known for its sports, except surfing, but that will change this year. Football has already started a wave of excitement and anticipation for other sports this year. I think that our basketball team will dominate this season and that our other teams will stand out in league too,” says Oblea.