Five Headlines More Important Than High Gas Prices

Domestic and international news beyond skyrocketing gas prices.


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Gas stations around the nation have experienced casual vandalism as critics of gas prices and president Joe Biden place stickers on gas pumps. A popular sticker used pictures president Biden pointing with the text “I Did That!”

Jocelyn Serlin, Sports Editor

Six dollars per gallon.

Gas prices are at a record high in Southern California and around the nation. People have taken to social media to discuss their opinion on the rapidly rising price of gas, making memes blaming the Biden administration.

While many blame Biden himself for the skyrocketing prices, Tom Kloza, Global Head of Energy Analysis at Dow Jones’ Oil Price Information Service said, “there’s very little a sitting president can do to change or influence the price Americans pay at the pump.”

Rather than complaining about gas being so expensive, here are five headlines that are much more important discussions than six dollars per gallon.

Ukraine claims 410 bodies found in recaptured towns; Zelenskyy accuses Russia of genocide.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is still surging, as more invasions take place, more Ukrainians are killed, and more leave their country seeking refuge elsewhere.

U.S. returns smuggled ancient artifacts, some thousands of years old, to Libya

Libya struggles to protect its heritage amidst years of war, and civil and political unrest. Recently, United States Officials have returned Libyan artifacts to its country, including two sculptures that date back to the 4th century BC from the ancient city, Cyrene.

Police: 1 killed, 11 others hurt at Dallas outdoor concert

Sunday, April 3, one person was killed and 11 others injured during an outdoor concert in southeast Dallas. 26-year-old Kealon Dejuane Gilmore was found with a gunshot wound to the head, dying immediately on the scene.

Arizona governor won’t say transgender people exist

Republican governor, Doug Ducey, signed two bills limiting transgender rights on Tuesday, March 29. Ducey also signed “election legislation that minority Democrats said amounted to voter suppression by requiring longtime Arizonans to be thrown off the voter rolls if they did not prove their citizenship and residence location” (Randy Hoeft).

At Least 6 Dead and 12 Wounded in Mass Shooting in Sacramento, Police Say

Yet another mass shooting took place in America today, leaving 6 dead and 12 injured. The shooting took place as citizens were leaving a nightclub in downtown Sacramento. Chief of Police Kathy Lester said it was unclear what led to the violence and that multiple shooters were involved. The police recovered at least one firearm used in the incident, a stolen handgun.

While the high gas prices in the U.S. dominate the media, there is much more happening in the world worth the nation’s attention. Rather than complaining about paying extra to fill up our cars, it is also important to direct our attention to several other pressing matters.