How Individuals Can Help Reduce Traffic


Sandhya Ganesan

There are many solutions to help avoid the long lines of traffic which flood the school in the mornings and afternoons.

Let’s talk about Monday morning traffic. 

Most can agree that 3,000 students attempting to go through our one entrance on La Pata is not an ideal start to our Monday mornings, however there are some measures that can be taken to alleviate the bumper to bumper traffic.

A great option for students from San Juan is taking the bus  to school. Not only does it save parents time in the mornings, but it also greatly decreases the number of cars coming to school. According to the American School Bus Council, one school bus prevents 36 separate cars from being on the road. While most school busses run on diesel, the environmental benefit of taking 36 cars off the road greatly outweighs the negative impacts of diesel

There are currently no busses running from Ladera despite Ladera making up the largest population at San Juan. If your family is interested in bus routes throughout the area contact local Board Member Pamela Braunstein or Principle Mahindrakar to voice the numerous benefits  for the implementation of more busses. 

By changing bad driving habits, students have the opportunity to improve the environment on campus

Bussing is not an ideal or feasible option for many students, but personal choices can also reduce traffic on our campus. Students have chosen to leave their homes earlier in the mornings to get breakfast at local shops and eat with their friends. Biking to school or walking up the trail is also a widely popular option among students aiming to avoid traffic.

Nevertheless, the most effective way to reduce traffic is carpooling. Not only does it reduce the amount of cars on Stallion Ridge, but carpooling is a major way to decrease your environmental impact. Carpooling benefits everyone involved, it reduces traffic, allows you to socialize while you wait to get into traffic, and if parents switch off driving days it saves them time too. 

It is essential that SJHHS students begin tweaking their method to and from school in order to better our campus. By changing bad driving habits, students have the opportunity to improve the environment on campus. If any of these options are available to you, please consider taking advantage of them.