Holidays Coming Too Soon


Kaitlyn Kittredge , Staff Writer

Everyone loves the holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and no matter what you celebrate, holidays are undeniably magical. However, starting the holidays early takes away this magic and ruins the spirit of celebrating. 

We have all been in that situation where you walked into Costco in September, look to your right, and notice an array of pine trees and inflatable reindeers throughout the aisles. For the time being, it’s exciting. The holidays are coming, what’s not to look forward to? But September? Seriously? 

For example: Thanksgiving. It’s family time, a holiday to recognize everything in your life that you’re thankful for. But nowadays, with Black Friday a mere hours after Thanksgiving, it’s all about Christmas. What should I get my grandchild? What barbie dolls are on sale? 

The holidays are so special to everyone because they only come once a year, so celebrating early takes away from that. Having a time limit on how long the season lasts actually helps keep it more memorable and significant compared to celebrating for multiple months. 

A big part of it is marketing. Many companies start advertising for holidays early so customers can start buying their supplies for the season before the season actually begins. By doing so, industries are collecting extra revenue, revealing how their only focus is the income they receive. Holidays should not be focused on the materialistic idea of money and wealth, however companies continue to use this family oriented time of year to their advantage.  

The holidays are special because it’s a monumental, set aside time to be grateful for the memories and moments we have with the people in our life”

— Amanda Reeves

The holidays are a unique time to spend a little more cash with the intent of physically showing how much you care for others, but it is not necessary to excessively spend in October for a holiday that is in December. 

“Celebrating early takes away the magic of the holidays and the spirit of Christmas. The holidays are special because it’s a monumental, set aside time to be grateful for the memories and moments we have with the people in our life,” said freshman Amanda Reeves.

It is important  to live in the moment instead of wishing for time to move faster. Even if celebrating starts early, the holidays will not come sooner just because stores and society say so. 

Everybody wants peppermint drinks, “snowflakes and cashmere” candles, cozy blankets, and everything else that comes with the winter holidays, but those traditions should be cherished when the time comes. If holidays are celebrated early, the traditions lose value.

Love, family, friends, along with the idea of showing others your care for them is truly the reason for celebrating. So, next time you see that Christmas wish-list or drink that hot chocolate, remember why the holidays are so memorable. It’s not because of the materialistic items and the gifts under the tree, but the more important things like community. 

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on all the blessings in our life and seek out ways to make life a little better for everyone,” said Reeves. 

Holidays are about the people you surround yourself with, the people in your life that make it all worth it in the end. Celebrating early takes the magic away from that, so celebrate at the right time. Enjoy the holidays in their traditional setting and enjoy the moments while you can. That’s what makes it so special, that’s the true meaning of the holidays.