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Promoting Action By Withdrawing Action: Why You Should Boycott

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It is part of human nature not to support things we don’t agree with. From animal testing to poor working conditions to political disagreements, many people boycott things across a moral spectrum. People taking on the commitment of a boycott is necessary if we want to see any change in society.

Issues can be addressed by people confidently using their voices through protests but others take a different, yet equally effective approach: they stop contributing their time, money, and effort to certain companies that do not share their values, meanwhile supporting companies that are doing the best job of promoting their values. The act of boycotting may seem subtle to the individual, but it can become powerful in numbers.

Thanks to the convenience of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, public figures as well as Average Joes can express their opinions and thoughts to a wider audience and gain greater following.

After realizing that a big group of people are avoiding their product or company, the offender takes this into serious consideration for the future of their company, as less consumers means less business and less profit.

For example, when Blackfish, a documentary highlighting the cruel treatment of the orca whales in the SeaWorld shows, came out in 2013, the once beloved “entertainment” faced extreme backlash, with many people boycotting the park all together. The park recognized that people were withholding their money and support and as a result, they faced trouble financially. Response from SeaWorld was necessary and they have since terminated breeding the orcas and using them for their shows.

Because of the boycott, the public succeeded in reducing animal cruelty and forced the company to respond to the issue under threat of further repercussions, such as closing the park altogether.

Boycott gives people the opportunity ‘to put their money where their mouth is’ and support buisnesses they think are doing a great job of keeping business in a healthy fashion.”

Recently, many companies have severed any relationships or affiliations with the National Rifle Association, NRA, after the Parkland school shooting on February 14, 2018. In this case, total disconnection with the NRA shows their disapproval of our country’s current gun control laws that permitted this disaster to happen.

This is unacceptable for innocent teenagers to be killed at their high school and people are calling for change in our country to make sure this does not occur as often as it does in our country.

Boycotting can also create new relationships and communities, who unite for policies they are passionate about.  For example, a small restaurant in New Jersey hosted a Sunday fundraiser during their usual showing of the NFL.  As an act of boycotting the NFL’s contention to their players protesting, the restaurant turned the controversy into a time to spread their own beliefs: honoring our military.  The fundraiser supported those in the special forces and 20% of their food sales were donated to a military family in need.

In a situation where many start pointing fingers and blaming others for the actions they do not agree with, this restaurant took the high road and used a boycott to create a patriotic, neighborly environment. This is what we need everyone to do.

Boycotts can be misconceived as a stubborn resistance to societal issues. However, in reality, it is a way to come in touch with your own standing on debates and express your morals. It gives people the opportunity “to put their money where their mouth is” and support businesses they think are doing a great job of keeping business in a healthy fashion.

Convenient apps, like Buycott, help people discover companies and brands that they agree with by providing all of the details of the company’s standings and beliefs. Many people have also created blogs and websites promoting businesses and reprimanding others.

Unfortunately, some struggle to conquer the mission of avoiding certain brands due to the financial aspect of boycotting, as it can be limiting to one’s options. However, when you put effort in and do what you can, your voice will be heard.

It is imperative that we promote reform among businesses who do not keep a morally high standard, regardless of the affordability. If we want to see change, we need to endow those who produce quality products in a humane and respectful way as a guide for our standards as a society.

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