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Trump Wins Bigly in First Year in Office

Property of the White House.

Property of the White House.

White House

White House

Property of the White House.

Stanley Hills

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This has been the greatest year in the history of the world, maybe ever.

Sorry to all the haters and losers, but President Trump is keeping all of his promises to make America great again. Despite the lies of the fake news media, this will go down as the greatest presidency in the history of America.

Thanks to tremendous deregulation and tax cuts, the stock market is hitting all time highs and unemployment is quickly dropping. Now the entire country will be able to afford a Costco membership.

Jobs are pouring back into this country, and not a single company has outsourced its production to another country since Trump took office. Inexpensive robots who could do these manufacturing jobs much more efficiently have disappeared.

The world is now in peace. President Trump has ended the brutal wars which have plagued this country for decades: the war on coal, the war on Christianity, and the war on Christmas. Starbucks will never dare to sell plain red cups again.

Despite the lies of the fake news media, this will go down as the greatest presidency in the history of America

America is once again respected by the rest of the world. Our military is strong, our allies can always rely on our support, and we have a much bigger nuclear button than Little Rocket Man.

The bad hombres are leaving and the wall will be built. Mexico will pay for it, but if they don’t, we will impose tariffs, pay for it with American tax dollars, and shutdown the government over a program that impacts less than .3% of the American population. Be warned, Mexico.

Despite these huge successes, all the fake news media wants to talk about is the phony Russian collusion story. The real collusion is between Obama, ISIS, Crooked Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the deep state, and CNN.

2017 was tremendous, huge, and big. Donald Trump was the savior this country needed, and we should all look forward to the next 31 years of Trump presidency as Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka continue the amazing work their father has begun.

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