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Gender Neutral Clothing: Fashion For All

It's time to commence the regularization of gender-fluid clothing.

Aleck Mardirossin, Staff Writer

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Clothing and how people decide to dress should not be individualized to one gender. Whether a male decides to wear a piece of clothing that is considered “feminine,” he should not be discriminated against for his expressiveness or voice. The same applies to women.

Some people describe fashion as a form of language. It is the only way some people can express themselves without saying anything.

I, a 16 year old male, like to be different and enjoy trying my own things that people would never expect me to wear. For instance, one day I wore a crop top to school, that did not show much of the stomach, and received many looks and side comments.

This type of reaction made me want to do more things like wear different articles of clothing that would not normally be seen to start the movement of normalizing fashion diversity.

Clothing is defined as “covering”, it should not be a big deal what type of clothing people wear.

Many people are set in their ways and believe that it is wrong for the sexes to wear the opposite gender’s clothing. Due to this, gender neutral fashion is not much of a norm, however it has slowly been dipping its toe in the waters and is beginning to submerge itself waist-deep.

Stars and celebrities have always expressed themselves through fashion, but lately they have been experimenting with the opposite sexes clothing, too. The rapper and actor Jaden Smith, son of famous actor and rapper Will Smith, is an evident example of the gender-fluid fashion movement.

The star has been posting images on Instagram in clothing that can be described as “feminine,” and the rapper has been receiving hate from fans. Smith does not worry about some of the hateful feedback, for, according to Teen Vogue, “he routinely smashes gender norms by simply wearing whatever he likes.”

Smith has also created his own gender-neutral clothing line which he named MSFTS. He stated in an interview that he named the line after the word “misfits” and took the “i” out because “we are a team and there is no “i” in team,” said Smith.

Zara, a major clothing corporation, created a gender-fluid clothing line as well. Unfortunately, many felt that it didn’t cover what the clothing should look like, considering all of the clothes were beyond bland and boring.

Gender neutral clothes doesn’t mean that a girl can wear a men’s sweater. It stresses more on the importance where if a girl wants to wear a blazer she would not be questioned or judged. The clothing is set out to become more of a normal and everyday thing in the future.

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