Student Choice Everyday

Max Hooites-Meursing, Staff Writter

SJHHS assigns tutorial classes each day so students can’t go to the classroom they want to. Stallions have to go to a class that is pre-determined.


Students should be able to choose their tutorial class because they are mature enough to handle this decision.


Many students play sports and they are unable to attend some classes during the day.


For students who play sports, they may be forced to miss class to go to practice or games. The new Chromebooks can help kids complete assignments they missed, but if they didn’t learn the lesson it is useless to even try. These students are going to want to attend the class they missed, so they can talk to the teacher and learn what they missed.


Additionally, students may miss school if they’re sick and they may be unaware of lessons or assignments that were given out the day they missed. If students could choose tutorials, they could choose to go to that teacher’s room so they can be taught the lesson they missed.


Although many students will be immature and just fill up classes that are fun, a sign-in board for each class could ensure that classes aren’t packed full of people.


Aliso Viejo High School already a program where it is student choice tutorial everyday. Students can go to any class they want to.
SJHHS should adopt this system to allow the students to relax or do what they need to do. This will allow students to make the most of their learning experience when they are at school.