Cutting in Line is not a Travesty

One of the biggest issues at SJHHS is the traffic that must be dealt with daily, as there is only one entrance in and out of the school. Cutting in the line on La Pata is an issue that is constantly argued about.

Some people see cutting in the line as an offense against humanity, however cutting in line can save precious minutes in the morning when students are frantically driving to school trying to get there before the final bell sounds.

Compared to last year, the traffic has improved immensely due to the large number of  zero period classes that were added, it is now far less stressful to get to school on time. People aren’t as bumper to bumper like they use to be in previous years.

There is now room for cars to get over from the left lane to the right comfortably. No one has to “slam” on the brakes anymore like last year when someone would cut in line.

The main danger of cutting is the people who believe they’re doing a good deed by blocking people from getting over, nearly causing accidents on a daily basis.

Yes, cutting can get out of hand and some may be quite rude about it, such as when someone just shoves their car right in front of you with no consideration for anyone but themselves, it can be irritating.

If someone were to cut, they should have an appropriate amount of room without causing danger to other drivers around them. When cutting in line, be courteous of others and there won’t be a problem.