Freshmen Could Learn H.S. Etiquette if Properly Trained

From the wise words of the senior class t-shirts, “respect your elders”.

With the large influx of freshmen that came into our school this year, some of them may need to be put in their place.

Freshmen are like young finches, they need to be nurtured and taught the ways of the world before they can be set free.

A common phrase among the upper-classmen, and even the sophomores, is “stop being such a freshman”, but what does that phrase really mean? Some believe it signifies nerdiness or the inability to shut up about how much “homework” they have. Others think it is just the fact that they’re incapable of not running to class because they’re “gonna be late”, but really, freshman just lack experience in this big bad high school environment.

Freshmen need to be taught some sort of etiquette. Could you try going up the steps the right way for once?

A student’s first year of high school can be quite intimidating, but jumping into the deep end rather than dipping one’s toes into the shallow end of academia can be so much more effective. So, try refraining from the random blurbs of profanity just because you think you’re cool and wanna impress your buddies.

 The transition from freshie to proper high schooler can be a difficult one, but if you’ve got the right guidance, you can soar to amazing heights. As soon-to-be alumni of SJHHS, it is our job to take those young finches under our wing and teach them how to avoid being “such a freshman,” spread their flappers, and fly.