Girls Shouldn’t Judge So Harshly


Girls are under attack in society but the aggressor isn’t someone that would typically come to mind. The enemy of girls are often other girls.

These attacks are not shown in the physical sense, but rather in the form of verbal criticism particularly geared toward the ways other girls choose to dress.

The most common form of expression is through personal style. Most articles of clothing that girls choose to wear say something about their character, and style is a tangible way they present themselves to the world. To criticize a girl’s outfit is to criticize a part of her character that she chose to openly share with the world.

These judgments are especially harmful because most of the time girls can’t control certain aspects of their appearance, but one thing can be controlled is the way they dress.

Young girls are most susceptible to these criticisms for various reasons. Not only does the media aggressively push the expectation of the way that girls should dress, but even school dress codes can have an impact on the way girls are judged.

There is a lot of pressure put on girls to please teachers, parents, and even boys as well.

The image of what every girl should dress like is heavily forced onto girls until they feel as if they need to conform themselves to fit into the criteria of modern society.

With all of these outside elements forcing girls into thinking they need to dress a certain way, the last thing they need are other girls judging them on how they choose to present themselves.

Whether a girl chooses to dress modestly or not, there will always be a critic that will find one way or another to say something negative about it.

The way girls dress is simply their way of presenting who they are and it should not cause as much uproar as it does. Girls should stand up for each other rather than against each other since they all know how it feels to be judged so harshly.