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Cutting and Reckless Driving Cause Concern

Just because you’re late doesn’t give you the right to pass everyone.

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Cutting in front of everyone else to get to school on time is selfish and just makes the traffic problem worse for everyone.

With more students than SJHHS has ever had, both students and parents are faced with an outrageous traffic problem. In the morning, the line reaches all the way up Antonio and down Ortega.

On average, it takes about 10 minutes to drive up the hill to the school. Of course, all high schools face traffic problems and it’s almost impossible to avoid them, but we can lessen the time we spend in the traffic line.

Every morning, while people wait patiently in the right lane, others decide to drive in the left lane and cut in line right before the signal. If everyone waited in a single line, not only could it shorten the time in line, but it could prevent future accidents.

The cutting in line causes cars to be constantly stopping and going, which wastes time.

“I have to wake up at 7 o’clock to get to school at 7:45 and it wastes my gas,” says Rylend Brockman, junior. If we all stayed in one lane, it wouldn’t waste time by having us stop to let other cars in. There would be a stable flow of traffic leading to the school.

It is safe to say that our student body doesn’t have the best drivers and that even goes for some parents too. Cutting in line with very little room switch lanes is a dangerous maneuver. “Over 33 percent of car accidents are a result of reckless driving,” according to Legal Info. Cutting in line is considered reckless driving and we do it everyday. Not only is it endangering yourself, but it endangers others as well.

Sometimes, when we’re late for school, we do everything we can to avoid being late, so cutting seems like a great way to arrive on time. But, all the other people in line are running late too, yet they still wait in line. Just because you’re late doesn’t give you the right to pass everyone.
On the first day of school, there was an accident involving six cars that stopped traffic. It could have been avoided if we didn’t drive recklessly.

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2 Responses to “Cutting and Reckless Driving Cause Concern”

  1. Cambria Greer on October 22nd, 2013 10:00 AM

    There is no long back up if you make the intersection by 7:20am. This is a very serious problem…..60 mph then slam on the brakes and dive in a space…….Does someone have to be hurt or die before this stops? Not a matter of if it will happen…just a matter of when and how bad…..Cops should be ticketing people for the extreme amount of cutting that occurs after the stables. Do these people cut in line at the market or the movies too? Carless…..Reckless…..Self centered selfish all about me attitude people. I’d like to see what would happen if they were out from the protection of their car.


    Ken T. Reply:

    As a parent driving my kid to school everyday I can sympathize with those parents and students alike that are patiently stay on the right lane. I witnessed as many parent drivers as student drivers recklessly using the left lane to speed up then cut people off as often as they wanted. It got to the point that I can name the same cars, SUVs, jeep (yes, you know who you are! the dirty white jeep truck with logo on the windshield) repeatedly cut of people day ins day outs. Next time I report, I will post pictures of those cars on this website so we know who they are. This Opinion page should be posted on the front page as a reminder for parents and their kids.


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