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Trash of the Classes: Changes from 2012

Brittany Christensen, Editor-in-Chief

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Clash of the Classes has been a school tradition since SJHHS opened, and the festivities that come along with it bring a break from routine and some healthy competition for students. Last year, however, the classes got out of hand with the decor and the excessive trashing of the campus was seen as a disruption.

“We got really competitive with our decorations last year and some of it looked tacky,” said Jordan Hall.

Due to this, administration and ASB banded together to come up with some stricter guidelines for this years-and those to follow’s-events.

All four classes came back to the campus at night to hang decorations with their class color to try and grab the attention of other classmates and the judges. This year, there were some changes in the rules regarding what they were allowed to do. The following limitations are:

1. No chalk on campus

2. No streamers

3. No touching La Pata

4. No pool/stadium/tennis courts

5. No rooftops

6. No obstructing roads

7. No covering other classes decorations

8. No removing/defiling other classes decorations

9. Responsible for taking down your class’s decorations

Although some students were bothered by the limitations, stating that they take away from the enjoyment of the event, students seemed to have no problem avoiding these. They even came up with more creative decorations than previous years.

The junior class hung purple silverware and plates where most of them eat lunch, and the senior class (in accommodation to the rules, but not the other classes) morphed signs from other classes into ones of their own; i.e. a J made by the juniors into a 2013.

According to Hall, last year, the decor was “all in good spirit” and overall the classes had a great time with the event this year, despite the new rules.

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