Cell Phones Signaling Way Into Education


Teachers are now incorporating cell phone use into education to educate students on using their resources.

Jessica Arzetti, Photo Editor

Teachers in classrooms are starting to incorporate cell phones into student’s education because they find that it is an integral part of daily life. While not all are supportive of this, many find this cell phone leniency resourceful.
District cell phone policy states that students are not allowed to have cell phones on during class. Teachers, however, are interpreting the policy to meet students’ educational needs.
“I allow my students to use the dictionary on their phones with permission only because I can’t provide each of them with one in class,” said Melissa Murphy, English teacher.
Some teachers believe this causes a distraction and limit the use of phones in class.
“I believe cell phones are distracting to the student and those around as well,” said Linda Keeler, french teacher.
Cell phone usage does prove resourceful in a photography or newspaper class when appropriate.
“I know when the right time to use my phone in class is and I use it mainly to send photos to and from my phone into a computer,” said Tamara Gibbens, photography student.
Cell phone use would encourage students to integrate their phones into the class instead of isolating the technology available to them farther away from education.
“My spanish teacher lets us text in class but the text has to be in spanish and we can use apps like word reference to help us translate,” said Kasandra Navarro.
The increasing cell phone trend is similar to the early internet days. At first, the internet was seen as dangerous but now, it is incorporated into schools and encouraged to improve writing and research skills.
Still, some see a problem with cell phones in the class.
“Some students don’t have smart phones and I wouldn’t want to make them feel any lesser,” said Keeler.
Although this does pose a problem, technology is part of everyday life and is constantly changing. The use of cell phones in classes will educate students on how to use technology appropriately.
“Textbooks are a thing of the past, but there aren’t enough tablets for every student here,” said Murphy.
Teachers are still reluctant on cell phone usage in class but the addition of technology to our school would better our education.