Plans for Campus Improvements

With a new school year on the way, will our campus get a new change?


Sofia Bello

SJHHS boasts a clean campus with signature school colors: blue and gold.

Sofia Bello, Staff Writer

As plans are made for a new school year, stallions can expect to return to a campus that has had a few renovations. 

According to Assistant Principal of Student Services Brian Brosmer over the summer there are multiple planned upgrades coming to our campus grounds. The entire exterior of the school will be repainted. Turf on the Badlands field will be also replaced.

Usually the upgrades that are a safety concern get the first priority to be installed. Most of the major upgrades made come from the Maintenance and Operations at the district office. Sometimes if taken into account, these decisions or improvements can be made by staff members or student clubs at the school. 

The cost of the upgrades usually depend on the type of project that is being initiated.The money for upgrades is funded to the school by the district. 

Administration is not sure when the painting will be done, but it will be throughout much of summer. The Badlands turf renovation is scheduled to be done in August.

Since Brosmer has been here, he has not heard of student complaints or changes the campus needs. 

And for those wondering about H building, there are no planned projects or upgrades coming its way. Though some students might want a change due to past leaking problems in classrooms and the rust breaking down the building.