Students Host Book Drive In Anticipation of AP Testing Season


Gabby Laurente

Book drive hosts Gavin Lynde (11) and Enzo Sarayba (11) hold up copies of donated books. Students are encouraged to donate any test prep books, from AP to SAT/ACT, until April 1.

Gabby Laurente, Co-Editor-in-Chief

AP teachers are sponsoring a book drive that collects used test prep books for students prior to upcoming testing season. The drive is being hosted by juniors Gavin Lynde and Enzo Sarayba, and resumes a tradition held by the Lynde family prior to the pandemic. The deadline to turn in books is Friday, April 1.

The purpose of the drive is to provide study tools to students who may not have access to them, as many of these books include practice tests and practice questions that students can use to mock both standardized and AP tests.

“We have bins in all of the AP Social Science classes, and posters up as well. Teachers tell their students to bring in their AP books to donate, then when the bins are full we collect the books and organize them for each AP class, and then we give them to each AP teacher of a given department and they determine which students they think might need books,” said Lynde.

Students who need books are encouraged to reach out to the chair of the certain department they may need a book from, or to AP European History and AP Art History teacher Robert Lynde himself.

Drive hosts have set a goal of 30 books, and have received a rough estimate between 10-15 thus far. With two days left to donate books, and only one month left to study until the AP tests begin, Lynde and Saryaba are still working to meet their deadline.

“Please donate your AP books!” said Lynde.