Mike Levin to Host Town Hall At SJHHS

Sandhya Ganesan, Co-Editor in Chief

To engage with his constituents more directly as he embarks another re-election campaign, Mike Levin, the representative in the House for the 49th district of California, is set to host a town hall at San Juan Hills High School on March 19. 

Levin has made town halls a key part of his job, as he promised to hold a town hall every month when he first was campaigning. He has kept that promise, as he had held a town hall virtually every week when the pandemic hit. 

“Town halls are the way that elected officials connect with their constituents. It is how constituents hear what is happening in Washington and how it can impact them, and more importantly it gives constituents an opportunity to express their concerns, ask questions, and find out information. Those are really important things when you want to know ‘how is this piece of legislation going to impact me at home’ or ‘how is this important issue being dealt with by the federal government’,” said Misty O’Healy, the Town Hall coordinator for the Mike Levin  campaign. 

The event is available to all those who are fully vaccinated and can provide proof of their status, as masks will be optional in the indoor venue. Those who cannot make it to the actual event will be able to watch the town hall via social media and online platforms. Registration for the town hall can be done online.