New Lane Policies Introduced to Facilitate Traffic


Gabby Laurente

Traffic cones blocking off the students’ lane into the parking lot have now been removed, leaving just bases in their place.

Gabby Laurente, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Traffic lines grew increasingly long this morning as students coming into school were pushed to merge with parent traffic, where cones blocked off student lanes into the parking lot. 

Students can rest assured as some of today’s cone placements were a mistake. Traffic cones that blocked off the student parking lot in the morning have since been removed. The only permanent alteration that has been made to the parking lot are the permanent cones now put in place where temporary orange cones used to be (between lanes on the left side of the parking lot when coming into school).

Leaving SJHHS, students and parents will turn into separate lanes, but will ultimately need to merge into the same lane, regardless, as there is only one lane navigating out of Stallion Ridge.