Administration Tightens Security Measures to Organize Campus


Administration has implemented a new hall pass system in order to keep campus organized during class.

Nikki Iyer, News Editor

New school policies include a “hall pass” system and security measures around campus and the parking lot.

Recently, each teacher received one green pass with their name and room number. The pass permits only one student to leave class at a time.

In addition, campus supervisors are tightening their security checks across campus and in the student parking lot. 

Generally, students are not allowed to return to their car during class, break, or lunch. Depending on the period, students with a free period may obtain a form from the front office that would allow them to leave during that block. During certain free periods, like 2nd, administration is not allowing students to leave.

Alternatively, students that are unable to leave during their free period are told to stay in the upper quad, in order to keep all students in the same area.

Students not following the aforementioned policies will be subject to progressive discipline. Meaning, the punishment increases based on the frequency of offense. Starting with a simple warning, progressive discipline can lead to consequences like Saturday school. Fortunately, Brosamer mentioned that the new policies haven’t posed much of an issue on campus.