AP Classroom App to be Used on AP Tests

Evan Jones, Staff Writer

This year, College board has administered new software to prevent increased risk of cheating due to the fact that many students will be taking their exams online. 

Online AP testing this year will look and feel very different as students won’t have as much freedom to open separate tabs with google docs or search up answers as compared to last year’s test.

The AP Classroom app that the College Board created will be necessary in order to take all AP tests. The app allows for the use of a Lockdown browser and works to prevent cheating. 

The app can be found after someone “signs out” of their Chromebook and clicks on “apps”. The app is titled “2021 Digital AP Exams” and takes you to the AP Classroom page where you can access your exams.

The app prevents the opening of new tabs, meaning the only way to use the search engine is to power off your Chromebook, thus invalidating the exam. 

Also, thanks to most students’ familiarity with AP Classroom because most students constantly access practice tests from their AP classes, it will be easy to use for students to navigate the app on test day.

Lastly, to access the exams from the secure browser, students need to click on whatever class they are being tested in. 

Students should  practice with the app and get used to the interface before taking their AP tests to avoid confusion and to prevent unnecessary stress before taking their exams.