Changes to AP Testing Coming This Year


Graphic by Jack O'Connor

AP Testing starts soon and students will soon delve deep into their textbooks studying for the test.

Evan Jones, Staff Writer

Recently, there have been multiple alterations to the AP Testing format and plans for this year. 

AP Coordinator, Justin Elenes, sent out an email on Friday, March 5 to all students. It contained multiple changes to the AP testing schedule as well as changes to the rules and options for students. 

A major change was made that allows all students taking the AP Physics C and AP Calculus BC exams to push their test dates back to early June and take the test online. 

On another important note, some exams must be taken in person. AP Spanish IV is one of these exams and all students taking the exam must go to school to take it. This is to prevent cheating on the audio portion of the test.

Exams that are blue on the schedule or chart that the school emailed are to be taken on paper in a test group titled “Administration 1”. 

Other exams can either be taken in-person or online as students will have a choice to make. 

The schedule will be more spread out and the online tests (AP Physics and AP Calculus) will happen in June so Seniors will want to take their tests in-person, in May. 

To check for updates on AP testing check out the AP College Board website or stay tuned for emails directly from College Board.