“Ride for the Brand” Gets a Rebrand


The new rebranding was presented at a virtual staff meeting to help publicize the statement.

Sandhya Ganesan, News Editor

Efforts for racial justice have been made both nationally and at a local level, particularly at San Juan Hills, where an on site task force has rebranded the school in efforts to commit to a more equal future for all Stallions. 

The rebranding was done by administrators and faculty from various departments as well as representatives from the student body, including members of ASB, BRIDGES and SJHAgainstRacism.  

“I am very happy with the statement, and I believe it is a step in the right direction. It is a good representation of what our school stands for, and since it is a public statement, it can hold the school accountable for sticking to its message,” said Mai-Ly Wilkinson, who was a member of the rebranding task force.  

Each letter establishes SJHHS’ goals to move towards a more accountable future. Putting their objectives into a concise and already familiar slogan helps tie in the school history and pride of the Brand slogan as well as take a firm stance against intolerance of any kind. Furthermore, it not only establishes the intent to hold people accountable but also intends to inspire communication and foster good relationships between all of the student body and teachers. 

The slogan was written by Ms. Klingbeil after the task force collaborated on ideas for what should go with each letter. The slogan was then unveiled at a staff meeting by Principal Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar.

“It needs to be known where our school stands with racial issues, and I think this statement is an effective start to making everyone feel welcomed. Overall, it is a great statement, but I hope the school follows through with every part of it,” said Wilkinson.   

B- Bridge gaps between teachers, staff, administration, and students of all backgrounds. R- Represent students of all backgrounds (cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders) equitably in our extracurricular activities, sports, arts programs, classes, and areas on campus. A- Amplify voices of those traditionally not heard. N- Normalize accountability for microaggressions, racism, and any other hurtful behavior  D- Diversify our curriculum to be representative of broader viewpoints and cultural experiences.