Tutoring Makes Moves to be 100% Online

Evan Jones, Staff Writer

Major school chapters like NHS, CSF, and Link Crew will be providing tutoring for students that are struggling in specific subjects and have adapted their traditional tutoring procedures to the changing times. 

Tutoring this year will be completely virtual, but it will be just as effective. Students will be tutored by their peers via Google Hangouts from 3-4 p.m on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Tutoring during the first semester will consist of 4 subjects that will be taught continuously over that period. Help in math, science, English, and world language will be offered for all levels, including AP Courses. In addition, in order to accommodate the students at the school who struggle comprehending the English Language, Math, Science, and English, will be taught in Spanish by Spanish-speaking tutors. 

The three organizations, CSF, NHS, and Link Crew, all came together and decided that Science and Foreign language classes were the most difficult to comprehend. “San Juan Hills High School Administration decided which subjects we would offer. Their goal is to provide tutoring in the core subject areas of English and Math. As a committee (which is made up of SJHHS administration, teachers, NHS, Link Crew, and CSF students), we agreed that students also struggle the most in their Science and Foreign language classes.  We plan to possibly open up more tutoring if kids come to tutoring requesting other subjects,” said NHS Advisor, Mrs. Bak-Boychuk.

I think all tutoring can be effective, if you have qualified tutors who care about the people who come in for help”

— Mrs. Bak-Boychuk

Student tutors are qualified for the subject they are assigned to, and before they apply to any of the said chapters that administer tutoring, they must submit a copy of their transcript in which their scholastic achievements are validated. Before student tutoring begins, the students are given a survey and are asked which subjects they feel most comfortable tutoring in.  

“We asked students to honestly tell us what they felt comfortable teaching other students. We want our tutors to feel confident that they know the material and can be of service to others,” said Bak-Boychuk. This allows the tutoring services of these chapters to tutor in a wider variety of subjects because students can tutor subjects according to their strengths. 

While it seems that some tutors in NHS tutor without complete exposure to the subject, they are expected to have taken a full year of the class. “We feel like you should have at least taken the class so you kind of understand the curriculum and the experience of working with the material,” said Bak-Boychuk. All students have in-depth knowledge of the subjects that they teach.

For students who have questions regarding where they go to get help, they can access the tutoring links through Canvas in announcements on their Dashboards. The subjects are color-coded and are easily accessible. 

Some people may have their doubts on online tutoring, but not Mrs. Bak-Boychuk. She believes that the effectiveness of the tutoring depends on how much the tutors truly care for their peers who are struggling. “I think all tutoring can be effective, if you have qualified tutors who care about the people who come in for help,” said Bak-Boychuk. 

Although tutoring may look slightly different this year, it should still be effective in helping Stallions succeed academically.