Free CUSD Workshop Educates Parents on the Dangers of Vape


Vaping – Officers J. Duran (left) and A. Jablonsky (right) visit SJHHS’ teacher lounge to educate teachers and school administrators in what to pay attention to when looking for potential vaping devices on campus. The officers brought with them many examples for the staff examine up close. Photo by Emily Wale

Nikki Iyer, Staff Writer

After several months of planning, Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) has created free workshops on the dangers of nicotine and vaping for parents and students. The workshops will continue into 2020.

The monthly, hour long meetings are held at the District Office. The program aims to teach parents about the dangers of nicotine vaping, vape trends, and how to recognize vape and E-Cigarette devices. Parents will also learn how to healthily communicate with their children about this topic, and how to helpLast year, when the executive cabinet of CUSD attended high schools in the district, they were able to meet parents and heard a common thread of talk about cyberbullying, depression, social media, and substance abuse.

Hoag is providing doctors and staff at the meetings to answer questions and help give resources towards the mental wellness of students”

CUSD has partnered with Hoag, a hospital, in order to create the workshops, hoping to increase awareness about nicotine vape in CUSD parents, with the ultimate goal of limiting vaping.
“After these meetings, we approached Hoag with the idea of putting these educational evenings together,” said Ryan Burris, the Chief Communications Officer.

Hoag is providing doctors and staff at the meetings to answer questions and help give resources towards the mental wellness of students. Students are also encouraged to attend the meetings in order to learn about the harms of vaping, and to utilize the resources Hoag is providing.

In order to make this happen, CUSD has also joined with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency of Orange County (NCADD-OC), however, the NCADD-OC helps the district explicitly with vaping related issues, and is a separate unit.
The next meeting will happen on Thursday, January 23. They will take place at the CUSD District Office, from 7-8 pm. Four more meetings will follow on, 2/13/20, 3/19/20, 4/16/20, and 5/21/20. To join a meeting, make sure to RSVP on the CUSD website, as spots may fill.