LDS Seminary Moves to Campus


Eva Smedeby

Brother Boberg speaks to students during early morning Seminary at SJHHS.

Ben Bartlett and Grace Aitken

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has officially begun holding seminary classes in classrooms on campus during 0 period. 

The change began this week, and classes will take place throughout the first semester until the neighboring church is completed this winter. However, according to ASB and activities director Brooke Valderrama, the transition could last longer.

“Construction is construction so they might be here longer depending on how things go,” said Valderrama, who oversaw the change. 

Seminary will be held in rooms D05, B06, B12, C02, and J104

Any group can rent out school space to use. To use space at any CUSD campus, the group must go to the district and fill out a facilities use form. The price varies depending on what facility is used but the money goes to the district, not the school.

Seminary was formerly held in Mission Viejo so students went to seminary, then drove to school immediately after. While they will no longer have to drive to Mission Viejo and then back to school, seminary is still only starting five minutes later to allow time for the teachers to leave campus before morning traffic starts.  

“The benefit has been greatly minimized because we have to start at the same time,” said senior Jaden Bryan. 

Bryan also pointed out that with the early start time, there will be a long break period before first period begins.

The benefit has been greatly minimized because we have to start at the same time”

— Jaden Bryan

“We have a weird 40 minute period after seminary before school starts, so I don’t know what I’ll do during then,” said Bryan.

LDS purchased the lot in 2014 in order to accommodate the increasing number of LDS members in south Orange County. Construction began in 2018 and once completed, the parking spots will be available to students during school.