SJHHS MUN Wins 8 Awards at Laguna Hills Conference


Courtesy of Josh Hunnicut

Out of 20 attendees, 8 SJHHS students won awards. Top row (from left to right): Jaden Bryan, Emma Dart, and Matthew Monsoor. Bottom row (from left to right): Luciana Benzan, Solei Sarmiento, Grace Dennen, Tara Goldhammer and Bonny Jimenez.

Grace Aitken, News Editor

Eight MUN stallions won awards at the Laguna Hills MUN conference on Saturday. 20 SJHHS students attended the conference alongside 700 students from schools in Orange County. They met to discuss and debate current issues facing the UN today.

Tara Goldhammer won Best Delegate, the highest award you can receive at an MUN conference. She is the first SJHHS student to win Best Delegate this year. Jaden Bryan, Emma Dart, and Matthew Monsoor won Outstanding Delegate awards. Bonny Jimenez, Grace Dennen, Solei Sarmiento, and Luciana Benzan won commendations. Emma Dart also won a research award for her position paper.

It was the third conference SJHHS MUN attended this year, and one of the most successful. Their next conference is on March 16 at El Toro High School.