Graduation Will Now Be Held in the Badlands


Photo Courtesy of Grace Stephenson

The Badlands is the stadium that holds the home football games, and is made up of two sides of bleachers. In the past, the Badlands has only hosted one graduation.

Lucy Law, Co-Editor in Chief

The Bren Events Center at UCI has been the venue for the past several graduations for SJHHS. After the Bren Center informed SJHHS that they had permanently moved the time for graduation to 7:00PM, officials decided to move graduation to the Badlands Stadium at SJHHS. This decision was made in order to allow students and parents to still have time to celebrate after the ceremony, according to an email sent by Principal Smalley. Graduation is expected to last about 2 hours, starting at 4:00PM. The parking lot and stadium will open at 2:30PM, and graduates have been asked to report to the gymnasium at 3:00PM.

What are your thoughts Stallions? Do you like the idea of having graduation at SJHHS? What are your concerns? Let us know in the comments below!