Ocean Sciences Bowl Club Dives Into Marine Studies


Gavin Aitken

In order to prepare for the upcoming Ocean Bowl event, club president Cameron Rizzi (12) asks his fellow club members multiple choice questions from previous Ocean Bowl competitions.

Ocean Bowl is an event that is similar to  Academic Decathlon, but focuses on studying oceanic subjects. The competition is between multiple schools with four player teams and is played like a jeopardy style format. Once a year the team travels to Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) to hold the event in February.

The club meets every Friday at lunch in Mrs. Miyamoto’s room. She is the advisor of the club and helps provide insight for the team.

“Mrs. Miyamoto is normally there for support. She knows a lot about the questions so we can always ask her for help,” said Cameron Rizzi, the President of the Ocean Bowl club.

During the meetings, they discuss the related topics and prepare for the Ocean Bowl. “We prepare by studying power points and reading online articles relating to ocean science,” said Aishwaran Ratnam, Vice President of the club.

This competition only happens once a year, so the competition is intense, and winning is a big deal. Last year their team won 5th overall. JPL rewards the winner with a special surprise each year. In the past, previous teams have won vacations.