New Queer Library Opens at SJHHS


Kayla Greer, Staff Writer

Over the years, books featuring content relating to homosexuality have been banned and censored from schools and libraries.  Now, located in room H207, SJHHS has a collection dedicated to just that kind of literature because of a grant obtained by English teacher, Danielle Serio.

Serio spoke to the Express about how she felt the queer community was misrepresented in her high school years.

“All the representation in literature [was] for people I didn’t recognize,” said Serio. “All protagonists were straight and cisgendered.”

She was looking for a way to change this and represent the LGBTQ+ demographic.

Through Donor’s Choose, a website that allows patrons to help fund projects that they find important, Serio raised the $300 necessary for building the library.

The library features all kinds of books ranging from novels and comic books to a children’s book about gay penguins and their child.

Mrs. Serio said that she hopes the library will help “LGBTQ students and Allies to learn more about their shared history” and “feel more connected”.

The library is open to all, inside and out of the queer community, and more books are still coming in. Overall, the new Queer Library is welcoming all patrons.

This is a large step in bringing the SJHHS student body together, in both understanding and in education.