The Poached Poet of SJHHS Library


The missing poster distributed by the SJHHS library staff and provided by them, to the Express

Brandi Ortiz, Fiction Editor

In late May, our school librarians were devastated to discover their prized William Shakespeare bobblehead was missing from the front desk. Stolen, most likely by a delinquent student, it has yet to be returned and staff are desperate to reclaim Little Bill.

Brought to the school in 2007, Little Bill has been here since the school’s very opening. Although it holds no cash value, this specific figure holds great sentimental value for them. Staff will greatly appreciate any information on his whereabouts. Movie tickets will be given to anyone with valuable information on his location, or for his immediate return.

Little Bill was most likely taken for a prank, some middle finger to the school district. Students may ask why an article was posted regarding a simple bobblehead theft, but the real question they should be asking is why in the world anyone would steal a bobblehead in the first place?

Also, various sprawlings and litter has been seen on and beyond school campus. Offensive graffiti has been seen down the trail by students and reported to staff, yet nothing has been done to clean up after these vandalizers.

Despite the apparent innocence of a simple prank or littering, theft and vandalism are serious offenses to the people and community. Students of this school should pick up their trash and try to refrain themselves from causing trouble for no reason. Doing anything just to be mean is not right, and being mean or disrespectful doesn’t make you cool.

Young people should learn to respect the feelings of others, and understand the consequences of their actions. What seem like simple pranks, good for a laugh, can lead to the so-called pranksters into major trouble with authority. Although laughter is the best medicine, no joy should come from the pain and tears of others.

This situation can also be categorized with bullying, yet another unforgivable action against others. Bullies do not comprehend the effect of their actions against the weak. Thieves do understand the sentimental importance a single item can hold, from jewelry to knick knacks.

Note: Students who have stolen or bullied another in the past, make amends if possible.