Return of the Blood Moon


Patrick Conely

The Blood Moon occurs during a lunar eclipse.

What better time for a Blood Moon than in October, a month of mystery and horror?

Halloween is right around the corner and America has already been blessed with an unforgettable sight, the Blood Moon. A rare sight in the past, it is expected to appear several more times in the future.

The first Blood Moon of 2014 occurred in April and the second occurred on October 8th. It is expected to reappear next year in the months of April and September, and it can be seen throughout most of the U.S once it has risen high in the sky.

The Blood Moon is a lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon is full and it takes on burnt copperish color, explaining its name.

The phenomenon is said to have extraordinary mental effects on people, causing them to lose control of themselves or fall into temporary insanity. The Blood Moon also has brought on a sense of impending doom to some, especially to those living in the dark ages. Superstitions were common amongst those of the dark ages and caused much fear and paranoia to spread.

Folklore and legends have revolved around the Blood Moon, stories that have greatly evolved throughout the centuries. For example, myths involving witches, werewolves, and vampires were eventually linked to the lunar eclipse in some way or other.

Many believed it would bring chaos or death, due to its devilish color, others say it symbolizes the coming of winter. Science argues it is a natural and wondrous miracle of nature.

The Blood Moon is a part of “an extraordinary series of lunar eclipses,” said the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Depending on people’s personal beliefs, the Blood Moon can represent many spectacles, both horrifying and beautiful. It has left scientists amazed and some religious believers to fear for the future. To those who live in fear, the Blood Moon symbolizes the beginnings of the end. However, despite any amounts of fear within, the Blood Moon is a sight that can never be forgotten once seen.