Parking Shortage Resolved


The parking shortage at SJHHS will soon be resolved.

The old staff parking lot will be used for student parking at SJHHS, due to the increase in our school population. The parking lot behind the tennis courts is now for staff parking. Juniors and seniors believe we should make the parking lot specifically for seniors, where the spots would be decorated in SJHHS school colors.

“It would kinda be cute if it were just for the seniors,” said Meggan Spellman, a senior who currently does not have a parking spot. The reason she does not have a parking space is because she got her licence too late and was unable to secure a spot.

When the school was asked about this idea for the seniors, they thought it would not be a good plan.

“It gets too cumbersome and it can become inappropriate…so we made the determination we are not going to do that to the parking lot,” said Mr. Jindra.

“We sell numerically and nobody is getting a favor here,” said Terry Norgren from the disciplinary office. That is only for the new parking lot, however, seniors still get priority parking in the current parking lot.

As of now, the parking lot will be opened up to students, but with no priority given to seniors. At registration next year, seniors will get the priority parking in the front of the original parking lot.