Stadium Graduation Certain for 2014


That’s right, class of 2014- you’ll be graduating in the badlands this year. Yes, it will be hot. Yes, parking will be a nightmare. Yes, it will be a challenge to get your grandparents up and down the bleachers. No, there are no other options.

School was scheduled to end on Monday, June 23, the Bren center was booked for that day. However after contract negotiations, the district decided the last day of school would be the next day, Tuesday the June 24. Students gained an extra day of school and lost the Bren Center reservation. Along with that reservation, a beautiful air-conditioned stadium with plenty of seating and parking was gone.

“There are some significant hurdles we have to deal with, but we’ll make it happen” said Tom Ressler, principal. So how will we overcome these hurdles to give the seniors the perfect graduation they deserve? For starters, there will most likely be additional floor seating- fold up chairs directly on the field.

“We’ll squeeze everyone we possibly, legally can,” said Ressler. The elevator to get to the top of the bleachers will be fully functional, so elderly and disabled can easily get to the top of the bleachers. Parking is still being dealt with, but Ressler promises, “It will be beautiful.”

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors: don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. Tradition is important, “Once its started I don’t see us changing back,” said Ressler. Don’t lose sleep over the matter; by the time 2017 rolls around, graduation will be smooth sailing.

Disappointed? Don’t worry; there are some definite advantages. At school, graduation this year will be more local, closer to home. No matter how beautiful, spacious, and air-conditioned the Bren center is, nothing can replace the emotional and sentimental value of graduating on your home turf.