Skaters Thrash Pool

On the weekend of May 11th through May 12th, a group of middle school or freshman aged kids skated on the San Juan Hills campus, and  in the pool, security cameras show.

The teens began  skating and BMXing inside it.

The pool was drained for its annual cleaning, the pool had minimal damage done to it, and at the cost of the incident, but it will undergo a 2nd cleaning and will be repaired for any damage done.

The consequence for the skaters will depend on whether or not they go to SJHHS. If they do attend SJHHS they could get suspended depending on the amount of cooperation Mr. Jindra receives.

“Most importantly, they would be responsible for cleaning up the mess they made,” said Jindra.

Jindra is planning on increasing security.

“Now that I’m aware what is going on, there will be stronger efforts to prevent it,” said Jindra. If the skaters come forward and agree to pay for the repairs and cleaning to the pool, Jindra will not send the case to the Sheriffs.

“If it comes to the point where I can’t investigate it anymore, then I will turn it to the Sheriffs. Then it becomes a vandalism case.”