Coach Cat Teach 2 Learn

Alyssa Renteria, Staff Writer

Teach to learn has been a class known for preparing students who are interested in becoming a teacher.

In the ROP Teach to Learn, you get to understand what skills you need to become a teacher. The skills that you learn are public speaking, organization, and communication skills.

The class offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn of what it is to become an educator.

Catherine Nolan, known here at SJHHS as a math teacher and track coach, teaches this ROP class. Nolan says, “Throughout the course students learn how what it takes to become a teacher, there is no requirement that you will become a teacher although if it’s a career goal it’s something that a lot of people enjoy”.

Throughout the year the students get a chance to visit Ambuehl Elementary. At Ambuehl they visit the third graders and get a chance to work with them. Coach Cat adds, “Each student is responsible for one or two third graders, and getting to know that particular student very well while helping them in math”.

The students get to design math lessons for the third graders and teach them to their specific buddy. This class gives students here at SJHHS a great learning experience to work with the third graders.

Micaella De Luna, a sophomore here at SJHHS, says what she enjoys about the class, “The fact we get to go to other elementary schools and have an experience of learning of how to work with kids and learning different strategies”.

The class is introduced to  sociology and psychology based information and a lot of the things taught in this class are seen in college courses such as student teaching.

The class prepares you for anything that has to do with education or anything that involves with being an officiant communicator.

This class is perfect for anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher, or for a fun filled class with anyone who is curious in this career.The skills learned in this ROP class can be applied to any career.