AVID Field Trip to Concordia University


Alyssa, Staff Writer

The AVID group here at SJHHS had their annual trip to Concordia University in Irvine on Friday, March 1.
The students who participated in this field trip looked forward to the different experiences the tour offered. They got a private tour of the campus and its many features such as the gym, the lunch area, and the student store.
The students who attended got a choice of which workshop to attend and recieved more information on which major or job they would like to do in the future.
Every year the field trip has a guest speaker, last year the students got to meet AC Green, a player in the Los Angeles Lakers who also attended Concordia.
This year it was Wing Lam the owner of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos who gave an encouraging speech on how anyone can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it despite people telling you you can’t.
Many of the students who attented appreciated these words from Mr Lam and even got to take pictures with him.
“I like how the Wahoo’s Fish Tacos owner gave an inspiring speech about how when he was growing up everyone told him he could not do certain things , but he never cared or paid attention to them instead he pursured his dream.” said, Andrea Romero a junior , her at SJHHS.
Concordia offered many things for students to do such as nursing workshops, fashion, and careers in law workshops.
The fashion workshop included a guest speakers from Volcom, they talked about how the company began and its struggles and also its triumphants in the surfing industry.
At the end of the workshop the speakers gave away some free Volcom products to students who answered questions correctly.
Andrea Gonzalez a senior at SJHHS had good things to say about the fashion workshop, “The workshop was very insightful and interesting. Listening to the Volcom Directors, it gave me further knowledge on how businesses are created through hard work and perserverance”.
Coming to the end of day Concordia offered lunch to the students and was very welcoming to the many high schools who attented the field trip.
The teachers who attented had only positive things to say about the field trip and how it was benificial for the students.
“I thought it was great I loved how their was so many different types of career workshops for students to be able to get information on any type of career they were interested in.” said Janey Gidion an AVID Instructor.
This field trip was a good insight for the students who went since it gave a look in how college is and the many different careers you can choose from.
Concordia offers many oppourtunities for incoming freshmens in college and provides various amounts of interesting subjects to major in. This university would be a great to attend if your open to new experiences and the many things to come in the future.