Parking Revenue Not Enough, Valderrama Says


Jessica Arzetti, Photo Editor

The price set for parking may seem excessive for a high school student, but ASB is using the money from sales of parking passes to pay for activities for students this year. Prices range from $100 a year to $50 a semester with ASB or $120 a year to $60 a semester without ASB.
Parking passes netted SJHHS a total of $30,815 for this year, but the 342 passes that were sold won’t be enough to cover expenses for the year.
“Graduation alone this year is $23,000 which includes renting the center,” said Brooke Valderrama, ASB activities director.
“All of the money raised from parking passes goes into an account in ASB for student use,” said Darrin Jindra, assistant principal.
In order to use any of this money, one has to submit a purchase order and create a presentation for approval by the student government. The ACLU is not involved in parking fees which is why schools can charge students to park on campus.
Parking passes and ASB cards are a major source of revenue for ASB.
“The budget is really tight because of all the cuts this year,” said Valderrama.
Not only does ASB pay for graduation and school events, like dances, but the district also requires them to provide a salary for the accounts clerk, Lori Haley, because she is employed for ASB.
The amount of money to charge students to park had been discussed between other schools in order to provide a reasonable price, but administration made the final decision on that matter.
“We would love to lower the price for parking but we don’t have any other choice,” said Valderrama.
SJHHS has fought many times for an alternative for student drivers including a city bus to drive around the area but there are not many solutions.
All the revenue raised through dances, parking, and ASB cards has to be used the year it was raised.
“We try to get as close to $0 as possible,” said Valderrama.
Whether there will be a change in prices for parking in the future is undecided, but ASB does their best to provide SJHHS students many activities that are worth the price.