New Teachers and New Faces

Agafaye Victorino, Circulation Editor

While there are freshmen scrambling to adapt to their new world that is SJHHS, teachers are doing the same.Currently, there are five new teachers, one of them being a long-term substitute and four being newly-hired to SJHHS.One of the new teachers, Sara Cowell, is a Special Education teacher with a major in Child and Adolescence from CSU Fullerton and uses that to adapt her teaching style.The inspiration for her to become a teacher was that she initially did not like school and would teach herself; people would ask her to help teach others on a frequent basis. She spends her free time horseback riding when not teaching and one of her horses is a police horse for the Anaheim Ducks and the LA Angels. The same horse in question keeps the peace in both stadiums, especially in the former.Next, is Shannon El-Sokkary, who teaches Coordinated Science II and Biology. She obtained her major in Cornell University and is a Triton mom at the same time, namely due to having both of her kids at San Clemente and spends her free time with them when not teaching. In addition, she also owns a dog named Sasha and is currently a long-term sub for Mrs. Migge, who is on maternity leave.Another teacher, Lisa Marcus, the teacher of “B-13”,  a former all-detention room obtained her math major in San Diego University. She taught Pre-Algebra at Arroyo Vista Middle School for six years and taught at Marco Forster in the early 90’s. Her sons are starting to attend 7th grade and her oldest one is a college freshman at Chapman University.David Hall is a science teacher from San Diego with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry in San Diego State University then a Masters of the same degree in University of California Riverside. At one point, he played water polo in high school and is already in his sixteenth year of teaching. When he is not teaching, he enjoys bicycle riding, swimming and reading fiction novels in his spare time; he also spends time with his three-year old as he is married.Brad Davis is an English teacher located in “H-203” with a major in Liberial Studies and has attended multiple colleges, such as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Point Loma Nazarene University, Pasadena City College and Orange Coast College. In addition, he has been teaching for 19 years, seventeen of which are in the District and this is his first year teaching here. Also, he spends time with his family in addition to surfing and reading.