School Marquee Would Provide Information to Students, Parents.

Makayla Thomas, News Editor

PTSA is now fundraising to provide San Juan Hills with a brand new Marquee.

For those who don’t know, a marquee is a roof-like projection over the entrance to a theatre, or in this case, on the front of the school. It would show upcoming performances, dances, games and other events.

According to Diane Sage, head of PTSA, “A marquee would cost up to $38,000. Right now PTSA is fundraising to earn enough money to purchase one.

“We have already received $13,500 from an anonymous donor and have raised $800 during registration. We are also planning on  having a Jamba  Juice fundraiser after school every Friday, and possibly a food truck round-up,” said Sage.

The school is trying to get the marquee as soon as possible and have already been working with CUSD on an acceptable plan for the project.The PTSA is still not sure where to put a marquee, but it will most likely be somewhere visible to parents who are dropping off or picking up students, visitors attending our school for various events, and students entering campus.

“We think a school needs a Marquee to have central communications to advertise all the amazing events we have at San Juan Hills High School, it can be one of the final touches to our school,” said Sage. They recently were successful in earning about $600 at Back to School Night. If any students, staff, or parents have any ideas to fundraise for a marquee, feel free to submit your ideas to Diane Sage and the PTSA.