Nine Girls

Nine Girls, a murder mystery involving nine sorority girls in their private cabin, first opened February 23 and ran until February 26, then showed again the following week from March 2 through March 5. The show followed Mary, a women who killed her ex-boyfriend’s fiancee by accident, and then later murdered her sorority sister and attempted to murder her best friend in the pursuit of not getting caught.

Sofia Bello and Cooper Aitken

Seen here are, Jane, played by Rian Schotemeyer (12), Glamourpuss, played by Kasandra Georgi (12), Eve, played by Bailey Moroson (12), and Shotput, played Holiday Jones (12), discussing by the fireplace.
(Cooper Aitken)
Alice, portrayed by Brianna Cook (12), drinks from a glass poisoned by Mary, played by Julia Tonai (11). At this time, Alice knows information that could expose Mary as the murderer. The suspense of the scene is heightened by the dramatic irony, as Alice believes Mary is comforting her, while the audience knows that Mary has mixed potent pills into the drink. (Cooper Aitken)
Eve, played by Bailey Moroson (12), inspects a piece of burnt evening gloves that she found in the fireplace. Mary, portrayed by Julia Tonai (11), had burnt the gloves after she stained them with grease when tampering with Eve’s car in hopes Eve would crash. (Cooper Aitken)
Rain Schotomyer (12) casted as Jane, is seen comforting Alice, played by Brianna Cook (12), who broke down after finding out that her best friend was murdered. (Cooper Aitken)
Jane, played by Rain Schotomyer (12), is tutoring Alice, portrayed by Brianna Cook (12), with her math homework, to get her ready for an exam that she’s not excited for. (Cooper Aitken)
Mary, played by Julia Tonai (11), drags Alice’s, portrayed by Brianna Cook (12), dead body after poisoning her drink. Mary stages this murder as a suicide, as Alice had information that could have led police to discovering Mary guilty for a previous murder. At the end of the show Mary claimed the first murder to be an accident, however the murder of Alice started the paranoia and deterioration that led to Mary being caught. (Cooper Aitken)
After Mary, portrayed by Julia Tonai (11), threw her gloves into the fire to hide the evidence, Eve, played by Bailey Moroson (12), later found it while fixing the wood. Eve is seen as questioning to Mary, why the glove was in the fire and whether or not it had to due with the murder of Alice. (Cooper Aitken)
Tennessee, played by Leilani Obana (11), and Shirley, played by Faith Peponis (11), are seen laughing and sitting on the couch, playing cards, but little did they know that their friend Alice’s dead body was hiding in the closet. (Cooper Aitken)