Concrete Camping In ‘Style’ for Fans


Graphic by Sydney Hogancamp

Harry Styles’s talent draws in people from all around the world. Fans camped out for days prior to the show just to make it into “Harry’s House”.

Sydney Hogancamp, Feature Editor

Pop icon, Harry Styles, recently played 12 shows at the KIA Forum. Every show was sold out. Although ticket prices were high, considering seats in the nosebleeds were selling upwards of $200, fans say it was completely worth it.

“I went on October 23 and October 31, getting there at 3:30 in the morning and it was super fun,” said senior Elysia Bojorquez. 

Many fans of Styles have been arriving at the arena up to 48 hours prior to the show in hopes to get as close to the star as possible.

“I could go on and on talking about why I love Harry Styles,” said senior Mia Graham.

Fans have been using the hashtag “campoutforharry” on Tiktok to show off their setup for camping out. Many individuals had tents and blankets set up for a few nights in aspiration for a pit spot.

“I camped out on the 26th, I went the night of the 25th at 7pm. and I slept in a tent on the sidewalk, it was freezing and I got like 1 hour of sleep, but it was fun cause there was a bunch of people you could talk to get and get to know,” said Graham. 

Each of the individuals with general admission tickets who wait outside in advance to his performances, receive a numbered wristband closer to show time. Each number acts as an order that fans will be allowed inside the main floor, also known as the pit, getting as close to Styles as possible. The earlier fans arrive at the Forum, the closer they will get to Styles once inside.

On top of camping out, Harry Styles fans especially tend to bring their creativity to the concerts. Fans often wear vibrant colors, boas, and homemade items, including crocheted pieces. Some fans even come with posters, hoping to catch Styles’ attention.

“I love everything that he stands for and I think he is a good representation of equality and love for everyone. He supports everyone and loves everyone no matter who they are and what they do,” said Graham. 

Harry Styles supporters, truly, are what make him so successful.