Stallion Start Up Greets Freshmen with a Treat


Cooper Aitken

Seniors Macy Loren and Kendall Rogers greet freshmen at the door with candy during the Trick or Treat event.

Sandhya Ganesan, Co-Editor-In-Chief

To facilitate school camaraderie, Stallion Startup commissioners organized a “Trick or Treat” social event for freshmen on campus.

Stallion Startup commissioners are tasked with meeting very regularly in order to brainstorm and execute events throughout the year to keep students engaged with the school and each other. 

The trick or treat social was one idea brought up by advisors Brianna Lintz and Courtney Hansen, but was primarily executed by senior Andrea Nalbandian and her fellow commissioners. 

“We all helped with the details and the planning, and sort of came up with it. The publicity team, we are picking the photos and putting them around everywhere. We are kind of like keeping up to it,” said publicity commissioner Andrea Nalbandian. 

While originally planned to be hosted in the gym, the organizers had to move the event closer to the B building, because of prior plans for the gym and concerns with COVID regulations. Thus, the event is planned to be all outdoors. 

Commissioners have put together a balloon arch to be set up, and arranged treats for freshmen who attend the event and show their school ID cards to the Stallion Startup leaders present. After receiving their treats, the freshmen will be able to socialize, take pictures with Stanley and Stella, and listen to music. 

In order to bring some holiday spirit to the occasion, the commissioners have been promoting the event as an opportunity to wear Halloween costumes to school. Originally, it was planned to be an event in which a costume was mandatory, but concerns for levels of comfort with that requirement resulted in costumes only being highly encouraged. 

As an added bonus, the commissioners have organized a fun scavenger hunt beyond the actual social. 

“We are also doing this little contest where we are hiding little halloween characters all over campus. So there is going to be like a Frankenstien picture and a ghost picture– there are going to be 10 different pictures total. If the freshmen take pictures with all of the 10 characters they are going to be featured on the Stallion Startup Instagram and win a prize,” said Nalbandian.  

Commissioners were grateful for the turnout of freshmen who came to engage with the event, and thought it a great kick off to Halloween week.