The Billion Dollar Morning Routine: Starting Your Day Off With Success


Graphic by Kaitlyn Kittredge

Everyone wants to set themselves up for success, but the question we constantly face is how to make this possible. Well…why not follow the footsteps of some of the most groundbreaking people of our time?

Kaitlyn Kittredge, Sports Editor

The popular YouTube channel, Be Inspired, released a video way back in 2019 titled the “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine”, which recently attracted the attention of many across social media. 

This morning routine was created very specifically to replicate the habits of the world’s most financially successful people, allowing everyone to get the inside scoop on how to have the most productive morning in preparation for a great day. 

The day begins with waking up at around five in the morning, and recalling your dreams from the night. This is said to help advance your subconscious mind and improve your headspace.

It is highly recommended that you don’t pick up your phone as soon as you wake up, as it fills your mind with fake realities and creates a habit of feeling as if you “need” to check your social media all the time. 

After recalling your dreams, it is time to make your bed. This may seem like an obvious chore, however something as simple as making your bed in the morning starts your day off with a positive momentum of getting things done. 

The video mentions that “how you do anything, is how you do everything”, so it’s important that we set ourselves up for success. By making your bed, it is guaranteed that when you come back to your room at the end of the day, you will always end on an action of success and clarity.

Now, it’s time to head down to the kitchen and grab a tall glass of water. Having water will naturally tend to wake you up, and staying hydrated is a key part of staying healthy and full of energy. This would also be the time to take any probiotics or supplements you may have. 

Breathing is the next step in this routine. Take a couple deep breaths and think about excellence and all you are going to accomplish that day. This will fully oxygenate your body and brain, creating a space for focus and peace.

Meditation is something fairly common nowadays, and this video highly encourages it. They say to meditate for about twenty minutes in the morning, as well as later that night, to clear your mind as you enter the day. Mindfulness is very important, so this time is used as a transitioning stage into the rest of the steps.  

Next on the list would be to move for about two minutes, getting back into your body after meditating. Whether this is a couple burpees or running in place, this helps to get your heart rate beating after sitting still for a long period of time. 

Now it is time to take a shower. But it can’t just be any shower, it must be a cold one. Cold shower therapy is extremely recommended, as it resets your nervous system and reduces all the inflammation in your body. 

I write in my daily gratitude journal where I think about all the little things I am grateful for, and it truly starts off my morning with a mindset of how grateful I am to have a new day in front of me,”

— Schindler

This step is followed by the daily actions we perform. Brush your teeth, shave, do your makeup, whatever you have to do to prepare yourself to look presentable. 

After that, you are going to make a cup of tea and take out a journal. The man in this video is a big believer in journaling, and says that some of the most amazing thinkers of our time and in history have journaled and kept diaries. 

For instance, Edison, Einstein, and Da Vinci were all very influential people in the past, and one thing they all had in common was that they wrote everything down. A lot of studies have proven that handwriting is much better than typing, so it’d be beneficial to write out your thoughts by hand. 

“Journaling is something that really helps me to start off my day with a good mentality. It helps me to express everything that I am feeling, and focus on what is important that particular day. I write in my daily gratitude journal where I think about all the little things I am grateful for, and it truly starts off my morning with a mindset of how grateful I am to have a new day in front of me,” said sophomore Lilyan Schindler. 

There are three lists that they recommend to make in the morning. These include a “To-Do” list, a “To-Feel” list, and a “To-Be” list. 

For the “To-Do” list, you are going to write three things you want to accomplish for work, and three things you want to do for yourself personally. These don’t have to be grand goals, just little things you can look back upon later and feel fulfilled with what you got done. 

The “To-Feel” list focuses on our states and emotions, as those are the things that make up most of who we are as individuals. The concept of this is that throughout the day you won’t feel a certain way by accident, but by design. 

Here, you will write down three feelings you want to experience that day, and prioritize those specific traits when reacting in the situations that are thrown at you. 

Finally, the “To-Be” list allows you to ask yourself who you want to be that day. Do you want to be a good leader? A good friend? Pick three characteristics for the day, and do your best to focus on how you want to portray yourself to the world, and how you want to treat people.

Something you may have even heard your English teacher say, reading is crucial to be successful. By reading for about twenty to thirty minutes in the morning you are training your brain to be a better student or worker overall, which will help so much in the future. 

Filling your body with energy-providing, healthy foods is very important in order to keep yourself active and feeling good throughout the day. This next part of the routine is to make a “brain” smoothie, consisting of fruits and vegetables. 

“I love making smoothies in the morning because it provides my body with the nutrients I need in order to have a successful day. Having a smoothie really gives me that extra boost of energy I need before all my classes and sports, and of course a bonus is that they taste incredible,” said sophomore student-athlete Amanda Reeves. 

They suggest blueberries, avocado, and leafy vegetables, as these are all known to help a lot with brain function. 

The last step is to do some brain training exercises. This may be an academic success course or even a puzzle, anything that jumpstarts your thinking skills. This will really get your brain working and ready to complete all the tasks you may have ahead.

At last, it is time to start your day. This routine should allow you to get things done much quicker and efficiently than without it, and help to assure you feel accomplished when the day comes to an end.

Make sure to try this out and share your experience with others, you never know how much it could affect your lifestyle. As they say, “a good day starts off with a good mindset”, prepare yourself for success.