What are you Doing February 14th?


Art by Kaitlyn Kittredge

Don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Struggling to get creative in COVID times? Here are five safe and easy date ideas anyone would enjoy.

Kaitlyn Kittredge, Sports Editor

February 14th. Valentine’s Day. A day where about fifty million roses are given away and fifty-eight million pounds of chocolate are sold. This year may look a little different, but Cupid will still make his way around, wearing a mask of course. Here are some fun date ideas for friends and couples to celebrate love in COVID times: 

Go On A Hike-

Text up someone you care about and throw on some running shoes. There are plenty of trails and paths to catch up with a loved one on, while getting in some exercise. 

Picnic and Painting at the Park-

One recent trend lately has been little picnics at parks and beaches. Bring a couple paint brushes and paper and get creative! Pack a bag with some of your favorite snacks and hang out in the great outdoors. 

Drive-In Movie-

Buy some popcorn and get in the car with your favorite person to have some good old-fashioned fun. If there aren’t any open, take a sheet from home and a mini projector and create your own travel movie theater. 

Hammocks at the Beach-

Hammocks have been a big craze during quarantine and are actually super cute and inexpensive gift ideas for friends and family. Hang it up on some trees, bring a speaker, and relax for an hour. Tip: Salt Creek beach has really awesome trees for this, and it’s so peaceful to listen to the sounds of the waves. 

Make Pizzas-

Cooking seems like such a cute date idea, however sometimes it doesn’t work out how we think it will. The good news is, one of the most loved foods of our generation is also super simple to make yourself! You will need some pizza dough, which Victor Abuharoon, creator of SMIJJ Baking, is selling fresh and made from home for $2 a pizza. Abuharoon sells many different kinds of homemade foods and treats in Ladera Ranch, where most of the money made is given to local charities. Azmeer Qureshi, a sophomore at San Juan Hills High School, started this fundraiser in honor of his brother, Uzair Qureshi who battled with Ewings Sarcoma, and passed away on February 14, 2015. All of the money goes towards raising money for pediatric cancer research, and helping kids to receive scholarships for college. The fundraiser ends on Sunday so support the cause, collect some toppings and make some pizzas for those you love. Click here to make an order. 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a time for us to show the people around us how much we care for them. A pandemic may stop us from going to a concert or dining in a restaurant, but nothing can stop our love and appreciation for others. Take this day as a reminder to focus on all the good things in your life. Get creative, call up a friend, make some cards, and stay safe while celebrating.