A Look at Adam Vuoso’s Life in Band “Color of Sound”


Photo Courtesy of Alessio Thorpe

Adam Vuoso, a sophomore at SJHHS, performing with “Color of Sound” at the Kaleidoscope as lead guitarist.

Kaitlyn Kittredge, Sports Editor

Adam Vuoso, a sophomore at SJHHS, recently started his musical journey by joining the band “Color of Sound”. After six long months of searching for a teenage run band, Vuoso tells his story of how he got to where he has ended up now. 

Being a musician is something kids have always dreamed of doing one day as a career. As it is a desire and wish among many peoples’ hearts, it simply is not a common reality. The music industry is a wildly competitive industry and can be difficult to get into, especially as a young teenager. 

“Be patient. In this whole process it took me six months to find a band and I finally found one, so just be patient and eventually it will come,” said Vuoso. 

Vuoso has been playing guitar for seven years, now being the lead guitarist with band, “Color of Sound”. Ever since he was a little kid he loved music, yet never seriously thought about where it may take him down the road. 

“I don’t know where this is going to take me, all I know is that this is just the beginning,” said Vuoso. 

I don’t know where this is going to take me, all I know is that this is just the beginning,”

— Vuoso

Adam discovered “Color of Sound” when the music director at his church encouraged him to go check out one of their gigs. It was a very lowkey situation and Adam was immediately accepted after playing at one of their rehearsals. 

The band ranges from freshman to juniors, and each individual varies in the high school they attend. Of the ten members in the band, the majority of them are students at Orange County School of the Arts.

“Color of Sound” performs at the Kaleidoscope in Mission Viejo, from six-to-nine p.m. every Friday. They practice on Saturdays at the lead singer’s house in Ladera Ranch. 

With COVID-19 things have been very different for this group of kids. The amount of people in the crowd has greatly declined and the livelihood of the performances aren’t anywhere near how they used to be. 

“There’s definitely a lot less people at our performances with COVID around. I was talking to the group about it and they were saying how the Kaleidoscope used to be super crowded when they played before the pandemic, and obviously now there’s barely anyone in the crowd because everyone’s trying to distance,” said Vuoso. 

Music is something that brings people together and with their alternative rock, pop, classic rock, and original songs, “Color of Sound” continues to bring joy to many during this crazy time. 

“It’s really fun. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It’s definitely played a key role in my passion for music and it’s what has kept me playing even on the tough days,” said Vuoso. 

Check out the band’s Instagram page @ “Color of Sound” for more information.