Chapman Sisters Turn a Hobby Into a Successful Business

Eva Smedeby

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Grace Chapman

Grace (10), Natalie (9), and Maddie Jo (7) Chapman take photos for their Etsy shop, CHAPS handmade. The sisters started their shop mid July, and have received immense success since its launch.

Chapman sisters Grace, Natalie, and Maddie Jo created a jewelry and macrame shop as a fun hobby over quarantine, only for it to develop instantaneously as a successful business. 

While stuck inside for months, there’s only so much you can do, so when boredom reached its absolute peak and Netflix ran out of good shows, starting an Etsy shop seemed like a good solution for these sisters.

“One of my sisters made a joke saying we should sell our crafts just in the hopes of making money, but it has turned into so much more than that,” said Grace Chapman, co-owner of CHAPS handmade.

Using Instagram as advertisement, an Etsy shop entitled CHAPS handmade was launched July 15th 2020, featuring variations of creative jewelry and macrame.

“Our jewelry is made of wire and is all hand bent into unique shapes to create earrings, bracelets and rings. We make modern macrame keychains, rainbow car hangers/keychains, and belts,” said Grace Chapman. 

Since its launch on July 15th, CHAPS handmade has amassed adoration rapidly, making the shop far beyond the original idea as a small hobby. Their Instagram handle has reached a following of almost 1,000, and their Esty shop has accumulated over 200 purchases in these short couple of months. 

One of my sisters made a joke saying we should sell our crafts just in the hopes of making money, but it has turned into so much more than that”

— Grace Chapman

Although, this success isn’t without cost, as balancing a small business as students isn’t necessarily easy. 

“At first, juggling school and our shop was a lot to process, we had to make time for both in order to keep our lives on track,” said Grace.  

Luckily, with some schedule rearranging, the Chapmans were able to divide their time, and are now successfully balancing school, socialization and their business.  

As CHAPS handmade continues to grow, they are planning on adding new jewelry and macrame pieces to the shop, as well as other products. 

“We want to keep it going for as long as possible, it is such a fun thing that the three of us do together,” said Grace. 

On top of selling jewelry and macrame, the Chapmans have also created a motto of spreading positivity and kindness, making the business all the more admired. 

“I love to create and watch people smile because of them. It makes me so happy knowing that people love our products,” said Grace.

CHAPS handmade has completely taken off, and with good reason, as all products are creatively designed with quality materials and handmade at beyond reasonable prices. 

From little ghost bracelets to adorable rainbow macrame key chains, Grace, Natalie and Maddie Jo Chapman have definitely started a business worth commending, and it’s safe to say that customers are looking forward to its growth.