Meet New Teacher Lauren Smith


Bill Kaiser

With a mask on, new Conceptual Physics teacher, Lauren Smith, works at her desk, and is getting used to her new classroom.

Evan Jones, Staff Writer

Lauren Smith, a new addition to SJH staff, is excited to start teaching conceptual physics at CUSD.

In the past, Smith taught STEM classes at Woodbridge High School. This is her second year teaching. In her first year, she taught chemistry classes.

Smith tends to gravitate towards high school teaching jobs, due to her passion for STEM areas.

“In high school I am able to teach the subjects I love and get into more depth on the topics than in lower levels,” said Smith. 

Smith grew up in Orange County and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

 “I love science and always have since I was a little kid. I got my credential in both physics and chemistry because I love them both and didn’t want to have to choose!” said Smith.

This is a super weird year, but everyone I have met, in person and online, has been amazing! I love the spirit here-RFTB!

— Smith

Smith enjoys many hobbies outside of school, but her favorite, by far, is hiking with her dog. “My favorite thing to do is to hike with my dog,” said Smith. She hopes that all of her students will get to know her very well as the year progresses. 

Smith has enjoyed her first weeks at SJH, and is excited to get to know the campus with in-person hybrid learning.  

“So far it’s been good! This is a super weird year, but everyone I have met, in person and online, has been amazing! I love the spirit here-RFTB!” said Smith.

Smith decided to teach at SJH due to CUSD’s academics and people involved. She felt comfortable in the environment that the school provided and loved the teachers that she first met upon arrival. 

“It was a great opportunity! I wanted to teach in CUSD and when I met some of the other teachers here, I knew this was going to be a good place,” said Smith. 

While the return to school is unprecedented and very different, Smith is excited to get to the campus, and settle into SJH.