A Closer Look into Comedy Sportz


Jack O'Connor

Cooper Murr (12) performs his fantastic impression of Marge from The Simpsons in order to make the crowd the laugh during the Comedy Sportz match against Santa Margarita High School.

Nikki Iyer, Staff Writer

Comedy Sportz is an improvisation student group that competes in local matches and tournaments. They do so by competing in different games, and play them with the intention to make the crowd laugh. Comedy Sportz is molded to what they enjoy, as the games played is influenced by audience suggestions. 

The team that earns the most points at the end of the night wins. Points are awarded each round of games and is decided by audience participation. Oftentimes, the home team is more likely to win the match, as the audience would be comprised of mainly students from the home school. However, the winners and losers of a round do not matter much to the team captains. They find what truly matters is the enjoyment of the audience.

“Points don’t matter. We are here to entertain an audience. We’re not here to win whatsoever. It’s about having a good show and entertaining the audience. If you as a player can make the other team look better, do it. It makes for a more entertaining show. I do not care whatsoever and neither does anybody else,” said senior Cooper Murr, one of the three team captains of Comedy Sportz.

Comedy sportz is a really great way to unify a ton of people with different backgrounds, with different friend groups, with different interests, all united under one common interest,”

— Sarah Hansen

The games being played in practices and matches are much more difficult than they may seem at first glance.

“You want to know how to work your audience, how to balance with you and your other players, how to balance a team and have different energies, you want to know how to come into a scene, you want to know how to have different energies, you want to have different nuances for each game…There is a lot more to comedy sportz besides knowing how to make a joke” said Murr.

The benefits of Comedy Sportz spread past the matches and practices. Seemingly weird and unconventional, this activity teaches an individual skills to carry with them for the rest of their life.

“In Comedy Sportz you go in and are thrown into these weird situations and improv and you are forced to deal with it and it’s so much fun. It gives you life skills like public speaking and how to handle yourself in front of people, and how to make people laugh,” said Chacon.

In addition, it can create friendships that can last a lifetime. 

“Comedy Sportz has been a huge confidence booster, it’s helped me meet some of my closest friends. The friendships I’ve made are truly special. Last year, our team was like a family,” said junior Sarah Hansen, a team captain.

Murr finds that Comedy Sportz has helped him through self exploration.

“I think since freshman year I have changed so much personality wise, as a person I’ve really found who I am. As of right now I feel like I know who I am,” said Murr. 

Comedy Sportz is more than the matches played. It is also about the memories and fun created off the stage. It creates undeniable friendships, and can bring together individuals who may not have expected to know each other.

“Comedy sportz is a really great way to unify a ton of people with different backgrounds, with different friend groups, with different interests, all united under one common interest,” said Hansen.

To attend a round, you can buy tickets at the door. Matches are held in the Blackbox.