Poetry Slam Team at SJHHS Heats Up the Competition


Courtesy of SJHHS Poetry Slam Team

Club president Kasandra Georgi (left) poses with club members during last years’ poetry slam competition at Orange County School of the Arts.

Eva Smedeby, A&E Editor

The new poetry slam team is welcoming both writers and public speakers to join their new club.

Although it’s not recognized by ASB as an official club, SJHHS’ poetry slam team isn’t any less impressive than that of other schools. Consisting of around ten students, the organization has meetings on campus once a week. Sophomore club president, Kasandra Georgi, has members write or research both contrasting and alike poetry from a certain theme, where they then will recite, if comfortable, to their other club members two weeks post that date. 

Team members who feel shy performing to their group can have a friend or other members perform their material for them, although president of the organization, Georgi, greatly encourages the club to step out of their comfort zones. 

“There were some of our writers who had stage fright and didn’t want to perform, but I pushed them and they did amazing.” said Georgi. 

The club also intends on organizing a monthly show in the blackbox. It will be an “open mic” based upon a certain theme, so anybody outside of the team can go up on stage and recite their material.

Although mainly for fun, the club is also practicing for an annual poetry slam competition where schools would go head to head, performing both original and researched poems. Last year’s competition was held at OCSA, Orange County School of the Arts. The group will collectively memorize eight pieces, then present them in any fashion or order they would like. 

You have to get up and really make the poem come alive”

— Christie Bak-Boychuck


A panel of judges will be scoring the performances, all consisting of well known poets and authors. Students will be judged on how they portrayed the poem, accuracy and memorization. The winning school receives a workshop from a respected poet or author. Last year the winning team got to work with author, Phil Kay, who is known for his works A Light Bulb Symphony: Poems by Phil Kay, and his most recent adaptation, Date & Time. 

The group is accepting  applicants to their club, and is greatly encouraging students with any sort of passion for literature or performance to give their group a chance. 

“Even if none of these things interest you, you can still stop by for a meeting or two, you might end up really liking it,” said Georgi.